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Pavel Jelen has been awarded IDF Award, a prestigious award from International Dairy Federation. The following article has been written by his colleagues at University of Alberta:

We have just learned that one of our Professors Emeriti, Pavel (Paul) Jelen, was selected to receive an important award from International Dairy Federation (IDF). IDF is a recognized international authority which contributes actively to the progress in all aspects of the dairy sector including dairy farming, dairy science, industrial developments, nutrition and all related aspects. As the peak body for the global dairy sector, IDF as an NGO has been playing an important role in all these aspects since its inception in 1903. The membership of the IDF consists of individual nations, whose delegates represent them in the various committees, working groups and task forces. Prof. Jelen has been the delegate of the Canadian National Committee of IDF to numerous standing committees, mainly in the area of Dairy Science and Technology. He also organized several important international dairy conferences on behalf of the IDF.

In 1998, the IDF instituted a prestigious “IDF award” to honor individuals for lifetime contributions in advancing the global field of Dairy Science and Technology. The description of the award states that....

……”The IDF Award is a symbol of recognition of remarkable contributions to progress in international dairying. These could be conducted both inside and outside of IDF…..The IDF Award….honours persons who have contributed significantly to progress in the international dairy field. The candidates for the IDF Award shall have contributed remarkably to international progress in any technical, scientific and economic field covered by IDF. This means that candidates may have made their contribution to international dairying by providing progress within milk production, milk and dairy science, technology, education, economy, marketing, policies, legislation, standards for products and their examination, analysis, sustainability and human nutrition….”

Paul Jelen is only the 2nd Canadian to receive this honorific distinction. He will join a select group of 19 previous awardees, some of whom are considered to be among the leading international scientific authorities in the dairy field; others have made remarkable contributions in the field of nutrition, national industry developments, education, or publishing activities. For 25 years, Paul has been the Editor-in-Chief of the most important international scientific publication in the dairy science field, the International Dairy Journal, which he founded in 1991 with the assistance of the current publisher the Elsevier Publishing Company.

As a Professor at the University of Alberta since 1973, Paul has taught the subjects of Dairy Science and Technology as well as Food Engineering and Food Preservation. Many of his Canadian and international students have moved to significant positions in the industry, government or academia, some garnering accolades and prestigious prizes themselves. Paul feels humbled by this international recognition that he will be receiving on October 19 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, during the World Dairy Summit, the annual most important gathering of dairy sector representatives from all over the world.  


The award had been noticed by Mlékařské listy, a popular Czech dairy magazine, and professor Jelen was on the cover page of the 159th issue!

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